Q: How to install Excel Image Assistant?

A: It's highly recommended to download the latest version on this website.    

1. Uninstall previous version
2. Start Excel and check macro settings, simple steps are within "read me" file
3. Close Excel (all opened worbooks)
4. Run downloaded / unziped setup file
5. Start Excel, find new icon on toolbar and finally start using program.    
If you have Excel 2007, Excel 2010 or Excel 2013 icon  is located under Add-ins    
Another way to start Excel Image Assistant is keyboard shortcut Ctrl+M     
If you experience any problems installing the Excel Image Assistant please have a look at
downloaded readme.txt file or contact me. 

Q: Does this software work with Excel 2007, Excel 2010 and 2013(365)
A:  Yes. Tested on Excel 2000/XP/2003/2007/2010 and  Excel 2013 (365)
Q: Can't see any picture?
A: 1.Settings - check did You select picture folder 2.Settings - check file extension(supported file extension are:*.jpg,*.bmp,*gif,*ico) .

Q: Does this software work with Excel 2011 for Mac?
A: Yes. Please note, Excel 2011 is only supported version for Mac.

Q: How to uninstall / remove Excel Image Assistant?
A: Close Excel (all opened workbooks) and depend on windows version you are using go to: 
Start  > Settings  >  Control panel  >  Add or Remove Programs. 

Find and uninstall Excel Image Assistant......done.

 Q:How to set program to insert picture into cell based on cell value (file name)?

A: Please have a look at image below and there you can find proper settings or check video demo.

Q: How to set program to insert picture into cell based on cell value(file name with extension)?

A: Set path and go to "set extension" from the list select an emtpy value (e.g.image below) switch to view, click on cell with file name and go...

 Q: How to set program to insert picture into cell based on cell value(full path)?

 A: Clear text box with path(e.g. image below), switch to view, click on cell with full path and go.


 Q: How to fix error: Compile error in hidden module picMain?

 A: Download the latest version from this site, install and should work fine.

 Q: Where is Excel Image Assistant?

A: Excel Image Assistant icon is placed on Excel toolbar or ribbon and if you can't find it another way to load add in is trough keybord shortcut Ctrl+m