The comments below are all from paying customers and are quoted with their permission    

 “Your product is really excellent. We are a home textiles manufacturer and
Excel Image Assistant has enabled us to produce a catalogue in a fraction
of the time we previously took.
We are also able to produce customer quotations with graphics using Excel.
This was something we could not do before.”

 Harvey A., Liverpool, UK

 “It is definitely the best tool available for my closeouts sales. Works perfectly with excel 2007! It is an amazing time saver. Thanks again,”

Giuliano Biagioni, Laval, Canada

“After a lot of searching i found this program to insert quickly photos in excel. The program works more than perfect. It is easy to use it and cover all the possibilities to add photos in a sheet. It helped us a lot to create quickly "contact sheets". After few hours we sent allready to our customers ,nice catalogues. Very helpfull and quick support. Thank you,” 

Efstratios Chatzianagnostou, Athens, Greece
Jewelry Wholesaler

 “I was so excited to find it. I managed to import over 3000 images into  one spreadsheet and I'm now almost finished with my catalogue. It was 100% what I needed”  

Warren F., Cape Town, South Africa

 "Utilizzo Microsoft Excel per realizzare tabelle report di visite ispettive per la  manutenzione di immobili. I miei report contengono molte immagini che  documentano  fotograficamente lo stato di manutenzione degli immobili.Excel Image Assistant si è  rivelato un ottimo acquisto, permettendomi di risparmiare una gran quantità di tempo. Ho inserito  nelle mie tabelle una colonna in cui inserire i nomi delle immagini, utilizzando  poi  Excel Image Assist ant per inserire tutte le immagini in un  unica  soluzione. Grazie a  Excel Image Assistant un lavoro che normalmente durava ore viene adesso svolto in pochi  secondi.”

Matteo Ceserani, Milan, Italy

 “Worked wonderfully! Thank you very much for the quick response.
I am one happy customer!
Robert St. Germain
eXcerta Network Services Inc.
Toll Free: 888.770.2030 X-105

“Thank you for a very fast and efficient service.
Software is great and  easy to use.
It made a boring job fun.”
Richard B., London, UK

 “Your program works well. My father has an extensive railroad
memorabilia collection which we need to catalog and include
pictures of the article. But, we needed the capability of
sorting the spreadsheet and have the pictures stay associated
with the right description, etc. Your program makes this possible.
Lance C., Ranchos de Taos, USA

 “Fatastic! Love the comment insert and ability to resize this.
It  also resorts when you resort a table!
Will definitely be recommending to friends and colleague.”

Dave Turner, Gold Coast, Australia

 “It worked great. Thank you a lot for your help and support.
It’s not every day you find someone willing to help out their
customer as much as you have. I really appreciate that.”

Phil Philyaw, USA

“Thank you very much for your efficient and prompt reply.
The add-in works fine, i like it very much because it saves
me a lot of time.”
Joseph D., Malta

“Previously tried plenty of free VBA coding for my product catalog,  but couldn't get various parts to work well together.
Ended up with a buggy mess. This utility does almost everything I want, and with excellent after-sales service and  ongoing  upgrades, it has been money well spent.”

 Mark Buckley, Argentina

“This saves me a lot of time. Great piece of software, thanks!”
Trygve, Norway

 “I love the program, it has helped me with some important projects! I appreciate your help. Thanks!”
Katina S., USA

“I was trying to insert images into Excel easier and found
Excel Image Assistant. Firstly I was using only demo version,
and than decided to buy it. More than 100 photos are inserted
in few seconds. Program really rocks! It is worth the money 500%!
Support from author was also very quick and helpfull.
Srečo K., Ljubljana, Slovenia

“Thank you so much for developing this program. It is really awesome and super useful. You just saved me 1000's of hours/ yr. of data entry. No more importing pics one by one then resizing, etc. You rock!”

Clay S., Chicago, USA

“Just want you to know that your Excel Image Assistant help me every day. It´s really great!”
Mats A., Örebro, Sweden

 “Thank you – now works perfect. This little bit of add in software is fantastic. I was experimenting and using it to create parts brochures generated from a sage export to excel spread sheet and then using the software to import from our parts photo library. Along with a few filters and sorts it will allow me to create up to date brochures very quickly then print these straight to pdf brochures. I’m familiar with excel but not macros and advanced stuff like this so it’s great for dummies like me.
Thanks once again.”
Andy Kelly, Rotherham, UK

This application does what Excel should do – and perfectly.  It was easy to download and pay for, and when I needed some help, I got a return email in less than 5 mins with a solution.  An absolute star – Highly Recommended.

Kathryn S., Girvan, UK

Awesome! Thanks so much.
I have successfully installed it and the program works great.
Thank you so much. This will save me tons of time now.
I am a VERY Happy Customer!

Christina M., Lake Stevens WA, USA

The upgrade is AWESOME!!
Thanks for the impeccable service and support.

Kind regards,

Samantha M., Johannesburg, South Africa

Thank you for providing excellent support. Everything is resolved now, and the new version is working well behind our firewall.I also wanted to let you know what a fantastic product this is! We've created an Excel database of 2,000+ images and the Excel Image Assistant works like a charm. I hope I'm on a list to be contacted for any future updates.


Tobi M., Vancouver, Canada

Thank you for your help! It works now!
I can’t tell you how much I love this program! Saves me so much time!
Excellent customer service, with FAST response and solutions.
So easy, anyone could do it!”
Stacey D.,Sonoma, USA

 “It works, and it works really great! I love the software.
Thanks for all your help.”

Sooyin, Breda, Netherlands

 “Thank you for being proactive about replying. And thank you for the awesome products that you have developed. I will be saving many...many hours of my life because of you.”

M Bhandari, Colorado Springs, USA

 “I have had success!
Many thanks for your good & quick response, and for the extra PC key.
Congratulations on the very useful little program!“

David L., North London, UK

“Very useful program, solves the problem I have with a coin database  as you want them.
I want the comments option with image height of 160 and to insert image each time I use it.
Thanks again!”
Nick L., London, UK

“The add-in works fantastic; perfect solution for creating spreadsheets with images.
Developer was super prompt getting back to me to answer questions as well; highly recommend”

Stefanie Lenk

“Life changing! This tool with its ability to bring in images has simply
changed the waywe access our content with applications in forecasting,
selling tools, business recaps,and product line management.  It is
a cross-functional success withversatility.  
Where we used to have to say “No” to senior management for certain requests,
we can now say “Yes!” with an effective, time-saving tool.

It is also important to mention to new users that the Excel Image Assistant
team’s service, upgrades and accessibility has helped us even as business
needs have changed.It works perfectly with html path setting or a local
or shared drive.  
Behaves as expected in either inserting comments or images in cells with
the flexibility in sizing, sorting and filtering!  Well worth the investment.  
Thank you!”

Nicole B. Boston, MA USA

“Thank you and congratulations on your app, it´s really useful to me.”

David. G., Lake Worth , US

“Excel Image Assistant is a great tool. After purchasing the license,
I failed to follow the basic instructions for removal of the demo version,
but Mujo provided amazing customer service, often answering my e-mails
within moments of receiving them. Installing EIA allowed me to improve
my spreadsheets and all thanks to the excellent support.  
Thanks EIA!”

Alex L., New York, US

“Thank you so much for this program! It has saved me hours of headaches!
I am using it to create multimodal transcripts for my PhD Research.
Your tool is so easy to use and wonderful.
Thank you thank you thank you!”

Natalia S., Chicago, USA

 “The application is exactly what I've been looking for a long time,

many thanks!”

Peter A., Inverness, Scotland

“Great little tool… Helps me a lot to create “visual” employee lists
in excel with minimal to no effort…
Definitely one of the better “time savers” in tools I use on a daily basis.”

Ronny T., Mechelen, Belgium

“Thanks a Ton for Excellent support.

I have recommended you to two of my friends and they have also bought the program.
Thanks again.”

Sunil S., Udaipur, India


 “Great tool and very good support! We used to search, resize and copy/paste images to Excel, but now we just enter the product code, within seconds the entire sheet is filled with images. The support is very helpful and efficient.

Thanks a lot!”

Jeff Kuysten – The Netherlands

 “Nice app. I spent all day looking for a solution. Started with Excel, but quickly moved on to Access, Open Office and MySql. Wound up back in Excel with your app. Thanks.”

Andrew C., West Hartford, US